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Chocolate Sensation Nestle 38g


Ingredients: Bombom Sensação contains sugar, cocoa liquor, powdered milk, cocoa butter, glucose syrup, vegetable fat, lactose, anhydrous milk fat, sorbitol humectant, soy lecithin and glyceryl ricinoleate emulsifiers, natural flavorings and colorings choconilla carmine. ALLERGENS: BOMBOM SENSAÇÃO MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF SOY, PEANUTS, CASHEW NUTS, WHEAT AND BARLEY. CONTAINS GLUTEN. CONTAINS LACTOSE.

Nutritional information: Portion of 38g (1 unit): Energy Value: 179 kcal = 752 kj (9%) | Carbs: 25g (8%) | Sugars: 23g | Dietary Fiber: 0.7g (3%) | Protein: 1.5g (2%) | Total Fat: 8g (15%) | Sodium: 22mg (1%) |