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Galak Nestle Wafer Biscuit 110g


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Try the Wafer Galak flavor, unmistakable Nestlé white chocolate flavor.

Wafer in the delicious Galak flavor, there are 3 fresh and crunchy chocolate-flavored biscuits interspersed with 3 well-served layers of Galak white chocolate filling.

Ingredients: Sugar, vegetable fat, wheat flour enriched with iron and folic acid, white chocolate, whole milk powder, whey, starch, vegetable oil, salt, flavoring, soy lecithin emulsifier, magnesium carbonate anti-wetting agent and chemical yeast sodium bicarbonate. CONTAINS GLUTEN.

Nutritional information:
Portion of 30g (3 units)
Energy value 159kcal (8%)
Carbohydrates 19g (6%)
Proteins 1.3g (2%)
Total fat 8.5g (15%)
Saturated fats 3.7g (17%)
Trans fats 0g (**)
Dietary fiber 0.6g (2%)
Sodium 27mg (1%)