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Pastime Biscuit Stuffing Chocolate Nestle 130g


Product Description

"The favorite cookie from Passatempo has a new look from the shell to the filling, fun as always, tasty as ever. The new formula*, in addition to a crispier and more baked crust, brings an even more intense chocolate flavor, made with Nestlé Chocolate Don't miss this news, run and guarantee your family's.* Inclusion of chocolate. Exclusion of margarine and caramel coloring III. Total Fat Content changed from 8% to 9%, Dietary Fiber from 2% to 3%, Calcium from 25% to 33% and Zinc from 20% to 30% of the Reference Daily Values ​​Passatempo brings a new formula for the iconic white biscuit with chocolate filling. Now even more delicious Deliciously crunchy Made with milk "