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Wafer Straw Stuffed with Cocoa Hazelnut Cream and Haoma White Chocolate Coating 150g


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Wafer straw stuffed with Hazelnut cream with Cocoa and covered in white chocolate, with collagen and whey protein. Produced with natural ingredients. No added sugars. Free of preservatives and artificial sweeteners.


White chocolate (cocoa butter, lactose-free whole milk powder, maltitol sweetener and soy lecithin emulsifier), hazelnut filling with cocoa (vegetable fat, hazelnut paste, lactose-free whole milk powder, lactose-free whey protein, cocoa in powder, polydextrose, hydrolyzed collagen, maltitol sweetener, soy lecithin emulsifier and flavoring), wafer straw (wheat flour enriched with iron and folic acid, polydextrose, whole milk powder, soy oil, salt, sweeteners: erythritol and maltitol and soy lecithin emulsifier), cashew nuts. ALLERGENS: CONTAINS WHEAT AND SOY DERIVATIVES, MILK AND DERIVATIVES, HAZELNUTS AND CASHEW NUTS. MAY CONTAIN RYE, BARLEY, OATS, PEANUTS, BRAZIL NUTS, MACADAMIA, NUTS AND NATURAL LATEX. CONTAINS GLUTEN.